Sunday, July 12, 2009

Modeler Requested Character Design

This is a design I worked up for a modeler I know. He has been wanting to practice on modeling a character that is more stylized, and this was the idea he came up with. It sounded like a fun challenge, since I don't draw much in the way of sci-fi mech. And the juxtaposition of a 20 something, mundane office worker with chunky mech made my inner child smile.

Good thing I made his job easy by the wonderful inconsitancies between the glove on the character and the ones on the side. Seriously, animating in 3d has spoiled me from having to draw everything on model.

Anyways, my hope is that he kicks out a killer model, and then I can find a killer rigger so I can kill it on some animation. So with any luck, a whole lot of killing will be in the future.

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