Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Singularity and Wolfenstein at E3

Ah, E3. It is good to have you back. Yes, you are loud, excessive and inescapable, but you fill the entertainment void that has been lacking since you left. Now, maybe GDC can stop being such a press event, and keep the focus on developers learning and critiquing the process.

Here are the E3 trailers to the games I have most recently worked on, Wolfenstein and Singularity. A classic property and a brand new one. Truly, the spice of life.

As for my thoughts on E3, and what has shown so far, Lionhead's Milo project really has me excited about the possibilities of AI/player recognition. Having a character in game that can recognize your voice and emotion could add so much depth to your experience. Pretty scary and exciting stuff.

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