Sunday, May 17, 2009

Growing Up Online

I've had this blog registered for a couple of years now, and never felt a need to use it. Running my own forum felt like it served the same function... a place to just say whatever I felt like, link to things that interested me, and just generally have a place to call my own.

But then, after 5 fun years, I decided to close down the forum. And while I loved the hell out of it, it just didn't fit me anymore. Like those favorite pair of Reebok pumps I had when I was a kid, I outgrew it. But, when looking for that next pair of shoes, I wanted something a little less maintenance. Something a little more grown up, and mature.

And while blogs certainly have their fair share of immaturity, I definitely think this is the best place for me now. A one stop, one thread forum. Oh, how wonderfully easy that sounds.

So, if I ever get around to drawing anything, that will go here. If I feel like ranting about games, animation, politics, what have you, that will go here. And hopefully, somewhere along the way, I can use it to be a part of some dialogue even half as interesting as the ones I had on the Tavern forums.

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